March 2023 Monthly General Meeting Topic: Library Resources and New Books Date of Meeting:   Thursday, Mar. 2, 2023 at 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM Speaker :  Eric Grob, Seattle Public Library  (Northgate) Zoom Recording :  To be added Meeting Notes : ·         Randy Harkness made a statement about his mother who was a 70 year HLCC and neighbor. ·         Eric Grob, Seattle Public Library (Northgate) o    Note:   Eric has a video show as a part of his presentation. o    He’s a librarian o    Preso: §   Go to Ask Us at SPL to chat with real librarians §   Go to Ask a Question for an email style Question to SPL §   Free museum passes are distributed by the website at noon, promptly, every day, if the museum is open that day. ·         Quite a diverse list of good, local museums ·         You do need to have an active account ·         Passes are for 1 month ahead of the event.   Every day increments an event one day later. §   Branch study rooms: ·

Dept. of Neighborhoods Awards $50,000 Grant for HLCC Siding Replacement

In 2022, the Club was awarded a matching grant of $50,000 from the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods to help us replace the original cedar siding on our 100 year old building.   "Our own" Patricia Stordeur, with substantial help from Robynn Lowery, Shawn MacPherson, Karen Bamert and other club members, headed up the project, got the required three bids, hired the contractor and shepharded the project through the entire process.   This improvement to our building makes it tighter, stronger and safe from the rampages of the dreaded flickers. We expect it will last another 100 years. - Celia Matson  


Guest Speaker Leesa Manion, King County Prosecuting Attorney Goal Public Safety Training in Justice and Equity New Economic Crimes Unit Focus on organized retail theft Wage theft New Gender-based Violence Division Adult trafficking  Child trafficking New Gun Violence Unit Precinct update, Lt Osborne Violent crime down 31%,  Shots fired up 10%, Burglaries property crime down 21% Training for new recruits from 6 to 8 weeks will train 120 a year moral is good with new 3 days off in a row All calls go to 911, no one manning non emergency number due to non-department service answering  Megan Westfall, City Attorney's office New approach to retail crime and malicious mischief coordination, with SPD sharing photos of repeat offenders  100 people on waitlist for Western State Concerned citizen reporting on continued gun violence in homeless camp adjacent to  John Stanford School

Northgate School 2nd Grade Science

  Why weren’t the usually robust  Chalta trees with their large fruit growing in Central Africa?  This was the big overarching question for the 10-week Autumn unit.  It involved plant and animal migration, overhead canopy, elephant poop and dicy bureaucratic decisions.  Turns out the staple fruit trees were being over shadowed by other trees making for less sunlight, Chalta loving elephants were herded  into once closed Chalta forests and then pooping seeds miles away.  The students were highly engaged as we tested light variability on seeds in class, made 3-D models of forests and studied the ever changing ecosystem.   This winter, 2nd graders are “glue engineers” searching for that elusive sticky stuff that all school want.  Within safety limits, students will test their “homemade glues.  Thus far we’ve talked about properties of substances… hard, gooey, runny.  And we use science terms evidence, design and observe. Randy Harkness

11/3/2022 General Meeting: Community engagement, homelessness, and supported housing in and around Haller Lake

  Speakers : Osbaldo Hernandez:  – City of Seattle, Department of Neighborhoods – N. Seattle Community Engagement Coordinator.  Osbaldo put together the group making up tonight’s panel. Tom Van Bronkhorst: – City of Seattle, Parks Department.  Works on Seattle Parks homelessness and on the inter-departmental team Peter Lynn: – Chief program officer, King County Regional Homelessness Authority. KCHA is a 1 year old organization providing homeless programming, funding shelters, etc.  Peter used to run a similar program in LA.  Note that KCHA is a central agency for funding homeless services in King County. Dan Wise: – Catholic Community Services Operator  and part of Senior Leadership serving those experiencing Poverty, housing instability.  Note that CCS is running the Tiny home village off 128 th