HLCC General Meeting - Seattle Needs Trees

HLCC hosted a full audience for a presentation from Seattle Needs Trees at last night's HLCC general meeting. Seattle Needs Trees presented on the issues caused by tree canopy loss in Seattle and how the new Seattle Tree Ordinance will cause further loss of tree canopy.  Did you know that Seattle is in the Top 5 for cities with growing "heat islands"?   Did you know that the new Seattle Tree Ordinance will allow developers to pave 85% of new lots with hardscape (asphalt)? Randy Harkness MC'd the event and reminded the community of a few things: The HLCC Board Nominating Committee is getting under way Food bank donations are always welcome HLCC Dance Nights are going well.  Check our events for the next times. Presenters included Meegan McKiernan, ​​Julia Shettler, Sandy Shettler and June BlueSpruce. There is a recording of the presentation here:  Seattle Needs Trees Zoom Recording The recording allows you to the speaker.  But, here is a separate link to the slides use

James Baldwin Garden

  The James Baldwin outside play area is now complete along 117th including a covered play-court, embedded playground equipment and a synthetic grass field.  But the best part in my mind are six new planter boxes along with a garden shed and wood compost bins.  This was all promised to us 3 years ago in the Baldwin plans.  NOTES:  Baldwin had a delightful MLK assembly with all students participating.  Ms Kopiloff’s 3rd graders put on a play:  scenes of MLK speaking; people with protest signs marching around cardboard Washington monument; and the Rosa Parks bus incident.  Still teaching science with Ms Kopiloff.  Our new unit is biomimicry.  How do scientists apply plant and animal traits to make life easier for us?  For example, a certain plant seed cluster originated Velcro! Randy Harkness

Summer Music Picnic Series Volunteers Needed

  We are looking for someone in the community who would be interested in volunteering to run our Summer Music Picnic Series. This is a once a month Sunday summer event in our back lot.  Last summer, we had different high school jazz bands play from 12-1pm.  Folks from the community were invited to come and sit in the grass or bring a chair and have some lunch. This is a free event that encourages donations for the music program that is performing.  If you have any interest or would like more information, p lease send us an email at Kippy Irwin

Creatures Around The Lake: Belted Kingfisher

   Have you ever been near a freshwater or saltwater source and heard a loud, rattle sound?  It is likely a belted kingfisher. These medium sized birds with large, crested heads, sturdy bills and small feet are the only variety of the kingfisher species to make it as far north as Washington.      The belted kingfisher like clear, shallow water which they perch or hover above to look for food.  When they spot small fish or other aquatic creatures, they plunge into the water and use their beak to catch prey.      Nest building begins in April- in vertical sand or dirt banks by water.  The kingfisher has two toes that are fused together to make burrowing  into the bank easier.  The nest is usually lined with the kingfisher's regurgitated pellets, which are largely made up of fish bones.  These pellets provide insulation.  The female lays 5-7 eggs- with both male and female incubating the eggs.      Many of our area lakes have a resident belted kingfisher or two. As long as there's

Junction Point Homeless Shelter Off 128th Street

 I was able to tour the Catholic Community Services Homeless Shelter, Junction Point, last week.  This shelter is located at 1132 N 128th St. near Stone Way and 128th St.  There shelter is a series of small, individual building for the residents that look something like "tiny homes".   I met up with Sharonda Duncan, Division Director within CSS Homeless Services.  She manages 4 of CCS's shelters around Seattle.  This shelter became active last June.  It has capacity for 49 individuals, men or women who are 50 years old or older.  The shelter is currently at full capacity. The shelter does utilize volunteers from the community.  They can use help with their plants/gardening and putting together hygiene packs and move out packs for the residents.  If you are interested, you can visit the shelter and ring the door bell. This is a shelter that moved from the old Junction Point location along Elliot Avenue.  The Elliot avenue shelter is now called "Bridge". I got to

October 5 General Meeting: Liza Rankin, District 1 School Board Director

Liza Rankin , Seattle School Board Vice President, visited HLCC last night and spoke to us about what School board directors do, as well as some of the challenges faced for Seattle schools.  Liza also attended the HLCC candidates night last month .   Liza "schooled" us on how the board works.  She is one of seven board directors for Seattle schools.  Each director represents approximately 100K people in Seattle.  She noted that the board is very diverse with a great cross-section of Seattle itself.  All discussion among board members must be public.  They even limit any email discussions between themselves.  The board is focused on students:  setting strategy and assessing results.  The business of education and working with teachers is left to the superintendent.  Budget issues are worked on by all.  Agenda for board meetings is set by the superintendent and the board president. We discussed a number of challenges faced by Seattle Schools.  There have been less students att

Reading Around The Lake

  Arachnophobia, or the fear of spiders, affects millions of people worldwide. Some are so tormented by spiders that they can't even relax at home for fear of encountering a creepy crawler. On the other hand, just as many millions, if not more, have a love for spiders, or at least a fascination with them. Though some species of spiders are dangerous, even deadly, most are harmless to humans. In this book, naturalist Paul Hillyard explores the amazing world of arachnids and the myriad of humorous and sometimes absurd ways that humans react to these highly misunderstood creatures.